Vision 2016: Jubbaland Sees Red

Jubbaland Vice President Abdullahi Fartag Addresses The Media / File Photo
Jubbaland Vice President Abdullahi Fartag Addresses The Media / File Photo

As Somalia is fast approaching 2016 deadline to hold elections and implement fully fledged federal units, the Jubbaland state so worried about the prospect of reaching this target?

One deputy minister of Jubbaland has told Goobjoog that there is no political willingness to meet the deadline, and the recent motion against Jubbaland assembly is well calculated from the top to derail vision 2016.

“Not all MPs are from Mogadishu, they represents regions and constituencies, if you menace the regions and don’t listen to the will of the people, I don’t know the logic of claiming to be a federal authority” said Mohamed Noor Bule, the deputy minister of water and mining of Jubbaland.

He was speaking hours after mammoth demonstration has rocked Kismayo city denouncing the recent vote by the federal parliament which called for the disbandment of Jubbaland assembly after accusations of irregularities when formed.

In a previous statement Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam said that there is an urgent need to replace the current parliament which is characterized by political infighting, he doubted it can deliver the required amount of work before elections could be held, this includes electoral bills and important constitutional committees.

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