We know nothing about repatriation against the will of Somali refugees in Kenya, says Somali Foreign Minster

Somali Foreign Minister while giving an exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM (Somali service) on the subject of Somali Refugees in Kenya denied that they have received any formal notification from Kenya of imminent refugee repatriation.
He reminded the tripartite agreement of 2013 between Somalia, Kenya and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee governing the voluntary repatriation of Somali refugee living in Kenya. (Agreement)
“What I know is that the tripartite agreement between Us (Somalia),Kenya and UNHCR that should be the only way to address this matter but I also know that no one wants to remain refugee more than 24 years , we want Somali refugees to come back home and they want the same”
It was 11th April, when Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto delivered an ultimatum to the United Nations Refugee Agency to move nearly half a million Somali refugees out of a huge Kenyan refugee camp in three months or Kenya leaders will relocate them ourselves after the horrific Garissa University attacks, which took the lives of 148 people.

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