Woman accused of knowingly transmitting HIV in Puntland

A woman is accused of knowingly infecting three men with HIV in the administrative capital of Puntland State, Garowe, Puntland AIDS Commission (PAC).

The director PAC, Abdirahman Saeed Dhagaweyne said the women whose name was not mentoned set out to infect the three men in different times after they married her without knowing her status.

“She is thought to have lived with three men who were unaware she was HIV positive,” said Saeed.

When interviewed by police, she refused to answer any questions about her life, thwarting efforts to find other men who unwittingly risked their health after having unprotected sex with her.

Detectives launched the investigation after a man came forward to report he had heard she had HIV after living with her without knowing her status.

The woman who are said to have would face prosecution for spreading scourge.

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