10 Dead and Scores Injured in Heavy Fighting in the Lower Shabelle:

Fighting erupted today between government forces backed by AMISOM soldiers and Alshabab fighters in some locations in the Lower Shabelle region.

Heavy fighting took place in Barire location when Alshabab fighters carried a response attack though initially it was captured from them by the government forces without a fight.

Ten people were confirmed dead including some from the two groups fighting and the injured are higher in numbers.

Eyewitnesses informed us that the warring sides are using heavy weapons.

On the other hand, this morning the forces of the Federal Government has taken over Jannale location in Lower Shabelle for few hours and retreated back thereafter.

There is large exodus of people in the locations of Jannale and Barire though the atmosphere is very tense in the latter town.

The top security officials commanding the battles have not yet released any information concerning these operations.

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