25 dead and 27 missing in Somaliland as cyclone hammers region

Residents in Mogadishu’s Buluhubay village evacuate Sunday after heavy floods. Photo: Goobjoog News

Heavy rains and flooding have claimed 25 lives and another 27 people are still missing in Somaliland, authorities have said. A further 12 people were injured.

Somaliland presidency released the figures Monday adding 167,250 families living along the coastal strip had been affected by the floods. Cyclone Sagar landed in Somaliland and Puntland Friday and stretched into Djibouti causing major flooding, mass displacement of population and even death.

Hundreds of livestock have also been killed in the floods as humanitarian agencies and governments move work round the clock to avert further human suffering. At least 700 farms have been been destroyed at least 80% of the livestock death, a statement from Somaliland presidency added.

Areas mainly affected in Somaliland are Saahil, Salel, Awdal and Sanag. Somaliland deputy president Abdirhaman Saylihi visited the affected families in the regions Monday.

Somaliland’s two main ports, Hargeisa Airport and Berbera Seaport, which are vital to the delivery of aid to the region, remain closed because of damage.

As a result, agencies are warning of food shortages for the next few weeks, potentially putting thousands of children’s lives at risk, particularly those who are already food insecure, the charity Save the Children Monday said.

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