Over thirty people killed in fighting between Al-Shabaab and Somali forces

At least 32 people have been killed in fighting between Somali forces and Al-Shabaab fighters in Bulajadiid village in the outskirt of Tiyeeglow town of Southern Somalia.

Somali forces On Thursday evening raided Al-Shabaab base prompting hours of fighting , according to deputy district commissioner of Tiyeeglow, Hussein Hassan Ibrahim.

Ibrahim said the government forces killed over 21 Al-Shabaab fighters in the raid whereas the government soldiers lost eleven soldiers.

Somali government forces have been carrying simultaneous attacks on Al-Shabaab training camps.

Al Shabaab on its side regularly attacks AMISOM, which is made up of about 22,000 soldiers and police from African nations supporting Somalia’s government and army in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab aims to drive out AMISOM, topple Somalia’s Western-backed government.

On Thursday A suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden car into the gates of an African Union base in central Somalia , setting off a predawn gun battle between fighters and African Union soldiers.

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