Mo Farah’s brother faces deportation to Somalia

The younger brother of British Olympian legend Mo Farah has spoken out about his fear of being deported to Somalia.

Ahmed Farah faces being deported back to the war-torn country for crimes that landed him in prison in the UK five years ago.

Ahmed Farah, 27, was just two years old when he and eight-year-old Mo were brought to Britain over two decades ago.

Talking to the Mirror, he said: “I can’t go back to where Mo and I were born – it is too dangerous.

“I’m scared I would end up dead. I feel there’s no hope for me.

“I am afraid for my life. I have no roots in Somalia. People would kill me, because I’m different. They would not class me as their own.”

Ahmed and his gold medal-winning brother don’t talk anymore, he says.

“Of course I am incredibly proud of what he has done and I am sure he will go on to achieve even more,” he said. “But I’ve no idea what life holds for me.”

The former warehouse worker, who still lives in the home he and Mo first lived in when they were brought to Britain, hit his lowest point when he received a four-and-a-half year prison sentence for false imprisonment over his involvement in a knife raid.

He was released early but was later informed that he faces deportation for his crimes.

Legal hearings have been delayed repeatedly, and he has no idea how or when he will be sent back to Somalia.

He said of his past: “I wasn’t a horrible person. I made a hell of a mistake and now I’m paying with my life.

“Right now I’m putting on a brave face, but at times I can’t sleep.”

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