Somali prime minister says his government will not accept armored vehicles in Mogadishu streets

Somali prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheire

By: Ahmed Mohamed

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre said that his government will not accept vehicle mounted with heavy weaponry to be driven around in city of Mogadishu.

“We will not accept pickup trucks mounted with heavy weapons to be driven around in the city. He further stated that the cabinet has reached an agreement that no official should have more than four AK47 guns and two cars.” Said Kheire.

The Prime Minister announced that the operations to seize and collect weapons have begun and requested the public to be patient while security forces carry out  these activities.

He spoke of the changes that his government is working on including securing the country and thus, need support.

The security forces yesterday carried out operations in around the city and during that time, they exchanged gunfire with another group who were also armed.

Somali government has been carrying out security operations to smoke out the Al-Shabaab militant’s sleeping cells.

This morning, Mogadishu Peace Restoration Forces have arrested several suspected Al-Shabaab members in a security operation in Hodan district of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

Residents said the forces raided houses in Digfeer neighborhood where they were targeting Al-Shabaab suspects in the area.

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