President Farmaajo hails former police chief Muse who passed on Tuesday

Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has sent his condolence on behalf of the Somali nation to the family of the former Somali police commissioner General Mohamed Muse Abshir who passed away last night in the US.

“Speaking on behalf of my family and the nation, I hereby send my sorrowful condolence to the entire Somali people particularly to the family and relatives of the late General Mohamed Muse Abshir. May Allah bestow His mercy upon him,” said President Farmaajo.

President Farmaajo extolled the late general Abshir as a patriot, hardworking individual and development oriented person.

“The General was a capable person, polite, patriotic and friendly. He is remembered for his role in establishing the Somali police service where he was leading it more than a decade.

Mohamed Abshir Muse was a prominent Somali General and the first Commander of the Somali Police Force.  He received  police training from the Carabinieri, Italy’s national gendermarie college.

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