A new report accuses AU representative of running down AMISOM mission in somalia

The head of the African Union (AMISOM) rejects allegations of corruption, mismanagement, harassment and political interference in Somalia.

According to the East Africa News, this was behind after internal report by the African Union (AU) criticises Francisco Madeira for mistreating employees including refusing to provide sanitary towels using abusive language, hijacking AMISOM donations to gain political mileage.

A serious accusation from Somali political parties that could damage the credibility and mission of AMISOM in Somalia last week, has clearly supported Somalia politicians.

Forum for National Parties led by former President, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and three other parties namely Wadajir, Hiigsi and Alliance parties are worried about non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops in Somalia which revealed sensitive to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The parties jointly issued a statement blaming head of AU and Ethiopian government for undermining Somalia’s geopolitics and security following last mouth Bardale plan crash behind of Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops killing six people in the incident.

The head of AU, Fransisco Madeira has said several times that AMISOM will remain neutral during political disputes between Somali politicians but this haS not been matched by his actions,” said in a statement.

The coalition also accused the head of AU representative of using extra external forces killing civilians and destabilized federal member state election including Southwest, Jubaland and Galmudug regional state.

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