About 100 police recruits pass out in Mogadishu, university graduates top the list

A total of 93 police recruits graduated today from the police academy General Kahaye in Mogadishu.

The recruits who include over ten women are mostly university and secondary school graduates from various parts of the country.

Banaadir governor Yusuf Jima’ale said the calibre of trainees was quite impressive and that this would encourage more young people to join the disciplined forces.

“The fact that these are university and secondary school graduates means that police service is now viewed as a respectable profession in Somalia. This will change the view people have of the police and attract more qualified young people to join the forces,” said Jima’ale.

Police recruits in a passing out parade in Mogadishu. Most of the recruits were university graduates.  Photo: Goobjoog News

Police commissioner Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Mohamud called on the graduates to put into good use what they have learnt from the training for the better good of the public.

“I urge you to exercise these skills for the betterment of our society. What you have learnt is crucial for the maintenance of law and order in our country,” noted Mohamud.

Police recruits graduated today from the police academy. More than ten female graduates completed the police training. Photo: Goobjoog News

Mohamud said another 100 recruits will start training soon.



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