Aerial strikes in Lower Shabelle region

US Air Force New Reaper Killer Drones. Photo credit: Online

Aerial attack is reported to have bombarded last night in a remote location in Lower Shabelle region.

The attack allegedly took place in the near daybreak hours targeting Mubarak location, near Awdhigle in Lower Shabelle region which lies 60km southwest of Mogadishu. The location is believed to be hosting Alshabab fighters which is fighting the Somali government that is backed largely by western countries.

Casualties are not yet known due to inaccessibility of the location which is under the control of Alshabab fighters.

Still no official word either from Africom which usually carry out such military lethal strikes neither Alshabab fighters.

Two days ago, the Pentagon has presented an operational plan that depicts atleast 2 more years of combat against Islamist militants there, according to American officials familiar with internal deliberations.

Meanwhile US forces have increased aerial bombardments of the militants in southern region having launched at least 10 strikes in November.  The increased operation follows the deadly truck bombing last month which claimed over 400 lives in Mogadishu.

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