Almost 40 people killed in clan clashes in Sool region

Almost forty people have been killed and several others injured following clashes which broke out Monday in Dumar district, Sool region of northern Somalia.

Sources from Sool said intense fighting by clan militias hit areas of Dumar district but the circumstances surrounding the fight could not be immediately established. Medics and witnesses put the number of those killed at about 40 with several others reported to be nursing injuries.

Tensions in the area of fighting remain high with fears that clashes could resume. This is not the first time clans of Sool region engage in deadly clashes.

Sources told Goobjoog News elders from the region were moving in to intervene to avoid further casualties. Officials in the region could not however be reached for comment.

Puntland and Somaliland have in the past fought for control over regions in Sool particularly Tukaraq which has been the scene of intense fighting in the past.


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