Alshabab and Galmudug forces fight continue in parts of Mudug region

Galmudug security forces have engaged an intense fight with tens of Alshabab fighters who are believed to have retreated from Puntland state.

Galmudug state security forces claimed to have killed 20 Alshabab fighters and captured 15 in this Thursday clashes with Alshabab fighters.

Hundred  of Alshabab fighters made surprise cross to Puntland state shores on the 14 of this month but forced to retreat after fierce string of battles with Puntland state forces.

Galmududg president Abdikarim Hussien Guled called state’s residents to participate the fight against Alshabab fighter who he said trying to desperately reach territories in south that are under Alshabab control. ‘Donate food, clothes or volunteer yourself in the fight against Alshabab’ said President Abdikarim Hussien.

Galmudug military sources said state security forces blocked Alshabab fighter from all the corners and trying to compel them to surrender.


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