AMISOM Urged to vacate Kismayo University building

The management and the students of Kismayo University in the southern port town of Kismayo has on Saturday appealed to the country’s top leadership and African Union that AMISOM troops should vacate the university’s main campus on the outskirts of the city.

Abdikadir Sheik Mohamed Hikam is the Dean of the university, he has spoken to Goobjoog News on the phone from Kismayo “Since September 2012 when AMISOM troops shelled the campus ahead of the offensive to recover Alshabab from the city, they have been using it as a military base, this is against all international laws and peace keeping treaties” he said.

He said they desperately need the campus to use as resources are limited and number of the students has grown. The university operates now from temporary campuses in the city which are not suitable for high education learning.

Abdikadir has appealed to Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed, Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam, AU, AMISOM command and IGAD to convince the troops to vacate the campus and allow normal studies to resume.

The management has made several attempts to deal with the situation but to no avail.

Goobjoog News


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