Southwest Drought Response Committee appeals for drought aid

Southwest Drought Response Committee has appealed for  humanitarian assistance to people affected by severe drought which is ravaging Southern Somalia.

Abdullahi, one of the official of the committee said several parts of southwest have been affected by drought especially in villages in Baay and Bakool regions

“The devastating drought ravaging many parts of Southwest continues to take a terrible toll on animals and people. Many children and aged have lost their lives and now those who were strong enough to endure have started to fall,” Abaarey said.

He said the committee has made assessment and called help for thousands of Southwest people who are at risk of starvation if action is not taken soon.

“I appeal to Somali people, government of Southwest State and Federal government to immediately come to the aid of these people in the affected areas.

Most water points have dried up forcing residents to heavily depend on inadequate remaining wells, which have changed color and developed foul smell due to contamination from the high number of animals and people converging at them for survival.

Large population of those stricken by the raging dry spell have to trek, in some cases more than 30 km to find water for drinking and for domestic use.

Southwest State has been experiencing a persistent drought for the past three years, which has caused farmers to destock and has affected over a quarter of the population, who have no food security.

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