Barawe administration urges Somalis to promote unity, cooperate with police

The administration of Barawe town has called on residents to work hand in hand with security agencies in restoring peace and stability of the district.

Barawe deputy district commissioner for security affairs, Bashir Mohamed Yusuf said the public should not doubt the capability of the police in response to fear of the town being a possible target for Al-Shabaab.

“All people irrespective of status should fulfill their constitutional obligations to respect the law and cooperate with law enforcement agencies,” said Yussuf.

Yussuf urged the public to tolerate with the minor offences the security forces cause when they are in operations.

“Policemen are working in difficult situation. They have no better training and equipment, so there could be mistakes in their operations,” said Yussuf.

He also urged the public to learn from the decade-long conflict in the country, which he said was largely fanned by chaos.

Yussuf appealed to locals to cooperate with security agencies in providing information that can help avert criminal activities, which he said is what they are doing.

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