Mahas Hospital severely hit by medical supply shortage

The administration of Mahas Hospital in Mahas town of Hiraan region has expressed concern over lack of medicine.

The hospital is facing constantly lack essential drugs, according to the director of  Hospital, Ahmed Abdi Warsame.

He pointed out that the hospital is about stop operating as a result of medicine run out emerged after Somali health ministry failed to fill the gap.

“The hospital is well equipped with the required instrument and machines but it lack medicine supply which plays very role in the survival of these residents” he said.

Since Somalia central government was toppled in 1990s, the country has been facing lack proper medical supply as some medical traders were importing counterfeit drugs which made the situation out of frying into the fire.

Somalia has no quality control bureau therefore the nation has become a place where dump outdated products such as food stuff and drugs are dumped.

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