Beyle “ 1985 was the last IGAD summit held in Somalia”

The outgoing minister for foreign affairs of federal government of Somalia Abdirahman Beyle warmly received today six foreign ministers from IGAD countries and stated that he extremely appreciated their arrival.

“I heard that 1985 was the last IGAD summit held in Somalia which even was not ministerial summit but for the directors of IGAD countries|” said beyle.

The executive general of IGAD, Mahbuub Maalim speaking to the media applauded the minister for his hospitality and the preparation made for the pinnacle.

Mr. Mahbuub indicated that it would be reminiscence for the country to get another chance of hosting IGAD summit after 1985.

The IGAD ministerial summit will be held on tomorrow (Saturday) at one of the hotels in Mogadishu and will continue for two days.

The ministers are expected to focus on wide range of issues including the security of Somalia and political reconciliation of the country.

The federal government of Somalia has tighten the security of the city as ensure the safeness the meeting.

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