Buloburde residents face diarrhea outbreak

Buloburde town centre , Hiran region in HirShabelle state. Photo credit: Online.

Local administration of Bulo Burde location, Hiran region, HirShabelle proclaim that diarrhea outbreak has infected large number of the local people with little medical supply in the area.

Commissioner Dahir Guure noted the rampant diarrhea outbreak in the area infecting large number of the local residents due to water shortage which are contaminated.

“Due to the shrinking water level of River Shabelle, health problems have come up especially diarrhea cases in the location and other locations around it. Small clinics run by NGOs helped the local people though so far 8 people died many of them children” said Commissioner Guure.

He appealed to the federal and state governments to extend medical emergency supply to the area to save people succumbing to the disease quickly.

“We are appealing to the state and federal health ministries to come to the help of the people with emergency response since the location was under siege for a long time”.

He highlighted the presence of medical trained personnel but only lacking medical supply. He also stated the availability of MCH clinics being operative in the area but no major government hospital facility in the location.

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