Candidates of 2nd deputy speaker of Lower House to conclude their campaign speech today

Candidates contesting for the second deputy speaker of Somalia’s Lower House are expected present their campaign speech before Somali parliamentarians on Monday.

Over 270 recently sworn in Somali parliament members will hold their special session to listen to the speeches of twelve candidates contesting for the seat of the Deputy speaker of Somali Lower House.

Names the candidates who are as  follows:

  1. Abdikadir Shekh Ali who is the outgoing minister for religious.
  2. Mahad Abdalla Awad,  former  second deputy speaker of the 9th parliament.
  3. Abdullahi Godah Barre, Former Somali minister for Justice.
  4. Burhan Aden Omar,
  5. Abdullahi Husein Ali.
  6. Abdiweli Mohamed Qanyare.
  7. Hussein Abdi Elmi.
  8. Jamal Hassan Ismael.
  9. Osman Duaale
  10. ilmi Mohamed Noor.
  11. Abdirahman Aden Ibrahim
  12. Maryan Ahmed Harun.

The candidates will be allotted 15 minutes each to present to parliament their political philosophies.

On Sunday, Four candidates contesting for the speaker of the Lower House have concluded their campaign speech before Somali parliamentarians.

The election of the first and second deputy speaker of the House will be held from Oct. 12th of January for the Lower house, according to House leadership election commission.

After the election of the parliamentary leadership, the lawmakers will elect the country’s president on a date to be set later.



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