Chinese embassy in Somalia fights back over corona origins as US, China trade barbs

By T. Roble

The tussle between President Donald Trump and China over the origins of the novel corona virus seems not about to end as Chinese officials seek to deflect responsibility over the genesis of the fast-spreading virus.

President Trump has called it ‘Chinese virus’ as the scientific community ties the root of the virus to a ‘wet market’ in central China’s Wuhan region. The viral outbreak started in Wuhan in late December and for weeks the Chinese government sought to suppress information relating to the disease.

A doctor who blew the whistle was harassed, intimidated and finally succumbed to the disease before it became a reality corona virus was a global threat.

In Mogadishu Wednesday, the Chinese embassy posed yet another question on the origins of the virus.

“COVID-19 in Wuhan was reported to belong to the third generation of COVID, where is the first generation of gene? and the second generation? but now the most important thing is to work together to fight epidemic in facing the outbreak so many parts of the world. #Somalia#COVID-19,” the embassy said in a tweet.

A similar tweet from the  Chinese embassy  on March 16  also sought to dispel the claim corona originated from Wuhan.

“The outbreak first occurred in Wuhan, but after efforts, China defeated it. There have been outbreaks in so many parts of the world, which makes people understand the source of the outbreak is very likely not in Wuhan. Believe scientists can finally find it. #Somalia#COVID-19,” the Chinese embassy tweeted  March 16.

China has stepped up efforts to offer medical support to countries adversely affected by the virus which has since killed upwards of 7,000 people globally. But it has also had to contend with fighting back over responsibility for origins of the virus.

A Chinese foreign ministry official quoted by the New York Times Tuesday claimed the virus may have been introduced to Wuhan by US army who visited the region last October.

A team of Chinese medical doctors and supplies landed in Italy and Spain this week to assist in curbing the spread of the virus which China has recorded remarkable progress in halting further infections.

On Wednesday, authorities in Beijing withdrew the accreditation of journalists working for New York Times, Washington Post and World Street Journal as the two countries trade accusations over the origins and handling of the pandemic.




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