Collaborate to realise 2020 vote, international partners tell Somalia

The realization of a universal vote in 2020 hinges on joint efforts between the Federal Government, state governments and civil society, the UN, EU, and African Union have said.

During a visit to Baidoa where they held talks with South West president Abdiaziz Lafta Gareen, representatives from the troika said there was need for leadership from the two levels of government to achieve one-person-one-vote elections next year.

Next year, UN chief James Swan said, will be a turning point for Somalia when a number of key national processes should be concluded. These processes, the UN head noted will lay the foundations for Somalia’s further progress by agreeing on a Constitution, holding ‘one-person, one-vote,’ elections, continuing the fight against Al-Shabaab, and paving the way for debt relief for Somalia, the UN head speaking on behalf of the EU, IGAD and AMISOM leaders said.

“Achieving these will require the active collaboration of all Somali stakeholders, and it will particularly need the leadership of the Federal Government and the Federal Member States,” he added. “In order to address these issues, we encourage all stakeholders to engage in dialogue with one another – this includes federal and state authorities, civil society and the people of Somalia.”

The meeting in Baidoa, a statement from the UNSOM said, was the start of a series of consultations with a range of stakeholders in the country’s Federal Member States.

“It is with this in mind ahead of the critical juncture in 2020 that we are engaging national as well as Federal member stakeholders to understand the opportunities and challenges for implementation of this processes for 2020 in Somalia,” said Swan.





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