DDG organized border security meeting for delegates drawn from Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia in Mandera town.

On Wednesday delegates drawn from Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia meet in Mandera town to discuss border insecurity that has left the three countries in a devastating situation for the past years.

The meeting was organized by Danish Demining Group to bring the officials together in finding ways to bring back the lost glory of peaceful coexistence among communities to improve current situation of border security.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia is chairing the meeting and is expected to give challenges Kenyan government faced in its own soil from the Alshaabab attacks.

The disputed security wall construction between Mandera-baladhawo border by Kenya government is going to be featured in the meeting and the resolutions be handed to the national government for implementation.

The DDG team member Mr Adan Mohamed hopes that recommendations from the meeting will have an impact on the prevention of the current border insecurity and internal attacks

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