De-radicalisation of youth critical to winning the war against Al-Shabaab, AMISOM chief

The African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM is engaging in de-radicalisation programme as part of its counter-terrorism initiatives alongside military offensives, AMISOM chief, Francisco Madeira has said.

Madeira said despite its military campaign which has achieved extensive progress in defeating the militant group Al-Shabaab, there was urgent need to curtail its ability to spread terror.

“We are going to concentrate on de-radicalization. We are going to sensitize the youths that they are being misled by these murderers; that joining these people is not a good idea and that these people stand for evil,” he said.

The initiative, Madeira said will include provision of education and sensitization, shelter and food to prevent the youth from being recruited by Al-Shabaab.

Madeira noted AMISOM was also working with international partners to cut off financial links and punish financiers of Al-Shabaab as agreed to by Troops Contributing Countries in Djibouti, February.

Financial support to Al-Shabaab also includes supply of weapons which the AMISOM chief said joint initiatives with international partners has led to seizure of weapons including the consignment captured by Combined Maritime Forces in March.

The defeat of Al-Shabaab requires the creation of government institutions and government’s ability to control every part of the country, said Madeira.

He noted through resilience and will of the Somali people, AMISOM was committed to facilitating the restoration of security and stability in Somalia by empowering the government institutions to take over governance in the whole country.

“Our effort is to make sure that the government of Somalia, with its institutions, is in a position to be present throughout the country. Our effort aims at allowing the population to be able to do agriculture, commerce and also transport their products to the markets,” the AU Special Representative for Somalia added.



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