Deeqo’s killing punctures our souls, killers must face justice

The late Deeqo Ali died after a soldier fired at her school bus in Digfer Road Mogadishu. Photo: Family

The horrid shooting dead of 9 year old Deeqo Dahir Ali dimmed the vision of a young girl and robbed the country and family of her daughter.

The soldier’s decision to fire into a school bus with all indications clear that it was transporting school children once again puts to question what has become the value of human life in our society.

That a government soldier whose primary duty is to protect such vulnerable members of society as Deeqo and her classmates can casually fire at them as if aiming at an enemy or an inanimate object is not only shocking but worrying. How much are citizens safe from some security officers?

Deeqo’s death once more punctures the soul of our society and challenges our collective commitment to the sanctity of human life. Many of Deeqo’s classmates and age mates across the country have been subjected to a pain they ought not have experienced and our inaction especially on the part of government and those in charge of the security sector will only serve to inflict the same pain more and more again.

The killer (s) of Deeqo must face justice. The government must send a strong warning to all uniformed officers that they are solely responsible for their actions.

The government must protect the lives of our children and any other member of the society. Our children must build trust and confidence in security officers especially in light of the war against extremist elements in the country.

School children just like any other person must not have to die in the hands of a trigger-happy security officer.


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