Elder Yusuf Warsame “We Still Demand the State Formation Conference to be Held in Dhusamareb”

eldersOne of the traditional elders who were meeting in Dhusamareb for the last two months has told Goobjoog that they still want the Central state formation conference to be held in Dhuusamareb.

The venue of the conference was a contentious issue between different political formations in the central regions, some are advocating for Adado with the endorsement of the federal government, while others in Dhusamareb are pushing for Dhusamareb.

The president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has intervened and was in Dhusamareb last week in a bid to convince the elders.

But Yusuf Warsame says “The government has the final say on the venue, but we still stick to our original demand that the conference should be held in Dhusamareb”.

When they met with the president last week, they reasoned with him that Dhusamareb is the regional capital of Galgadud, while Adado is a small district; they also made an issue with the fact that Dhusamareb is more diverse than Adado.

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