Ethiopian soldiers killed five civilians in Hiraan region

At least six people including traditional elders have been confirmed dead and four injured after Ethiopian soldiers opened fire on a car they were travelling in yesterday evening in Hiraan region, official say.
Reports say that these civilians were to heading to attend funeral in Halgan locality.
Halgan chief, Mustaf Horow Noor who gave interview to Goobjoog News has confirmed the incident saying the civilians were shot dead after they were ordered to stop their car.
Residents of Halgan say the majority of those killed are elders who were not involving any violence, pointing out that  the Ethiopian soldiers didn’t face confrontation from the travellers.
Somali government has yet to comment on the incident as attempts to reached Hiraan Administration and AMISOM which Ethiopian soldiers are working under it, have bored no fruits.
There is no effective central government in Somalia since the collapse of the central government in 1991.


Ethiopians soldiers have been crossed the borders day and night since Somali central government toppled in 1990.
Ethiopia detained several Somali politicians whom it doubted to be against the Ethiopian agendas.
Ethiopia has contributed 4300 soldiers to the Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in 2014.

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