Ethiopia’s Somalia state President Mustafa appoints a new minister amid of new political standoff

Mustafa Muhumed Omer the President of the Somali state of Ethiopia has today appointed a new Minister of Information amid of new political standoff between the Somali regional state and the federal government of Ethiopia.

The move has been linked to the disagreement between the finance minister of the federal government of Ethiopia Ahmed Shide and regional Somali state president of Mustafa Omar.

Abdillahi Mohamed Mowliid is the new Minister of Information in the Somali region of Ethiopia as appointed by the state president.

Barely five months into office the president of Ethiopia’s Somali regional state Mustafa Omer is said to be facing stiff opposition from Federal government elements in the regional governing party.

ONLF has also today issued a press statement calling both the ruling party and the federal government to respect the wishes and dignity of the Somali people.

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