FACT CHECK: No minister Diriye, 64th Somali Flag Day event is not the 1st since 1991

Sports Minister Khadija Diriye speaking during the 64th Somali Flag Day celebrations in Mogadishu October 12, 2018. Photo: SONNA

In marking this year’s Somali Flag celebrations Friday, Sports Minister Khadija Mohamed Diriye claimed the celebrations were the first since the collapse of government in 1991. That claim however, is a lie!

The Somali Flag day is designated a national day in Somalia following the creation and adoption of the national flag October 12, 1954. Yesterday’s event was the 64th.

“Every Somali knows the importance of the Somali Flag Day,” Ms Diriye told a gathering marking the day in Mogadishu. “But starting from the year 2000 and even after the collapse of the government (1991) and the end of transitional governments, President Farmaajo’s government, Prime Minister Hassan Khaire cabinet and my Sports Ministry have got the opportunity to mark this day for the first time.”

It is noteworthy that Ms Diriye was herself present during the 63rd celebrations last year as Sports Minister. In her address that day, she proposed the formation of a Somali youth league composed of nine youth representing all regions of the country.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (c) during the 2015 Somali flag day celebrations

Similar celebrations were held in 2016 by then administration of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as was the case in 2015.

Speaking during the 2014 celebrations, President Mohamud said, ““Every Somali person has a symbol people recognise wherever they travel around the world and that is the Somali flag. People don’t have to ask where he/she is from, but the flag speaks out.”

The PM Omar Sharmarke and Mogadishu mayor Hassan Hussein Mungaab and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Jawari attended the 2014 celebrations.






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