Farmers in Baardheere of Gedo region complain of farm insect diseases

Farmers in Baardheere district of Gedo region are complaining of diseases and pest damage to their farms.

Mohamed Abdirahman Matow, the deputy chairman of the farmers in Baardheere told Goobjoog that they needed help to fight the pest diseases in order to improve the productivity of their farms.

He pointed out that it is the production season and they need to take advantage of the rain.

Pests and diseases greatly affect crop productivity as well as the conservation and storage of crop products

They are calling the federal government, Jubbaland and all agricultural agencies to help them and provide all the necessary to fight against the pest diseases on their farms

Since 1991 the civil war broke out in Somalia there is no national agricultural research system in the country, therefore, linkages to agricultural research organizations outside in the country are weak and consequently, there is very limited access to its farmers across the country.

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