Federal aviation ministry to enhance airports across the country

Somali federal minister of transport and civil aviation Mohamed Salad Omaar. Photo credit: Online

Somali federal ministry of transport and civil aviation yesterday announced of having plans to develop and enhance 8 airports across the country.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of Garowe airport, Puntland state, minister Mohamed Salad Omaar made public the schemes his ministry has in place to revive regional airports in Somalia.

“Somali government has plans to enhance 8 airports in the country. 3 of these airports are located in Puntland” said Minister Omaar.

He reminded the attendants the foremost objective of the federal government is to boost economic achievement. “First priority for the federal government is economic growth, airport infrastructures and air navigation.”

Minister Omaar noted the immense efforts the government employed to win back its airspace.

“Somali government made great efforts to regain the airspace which we succeeded and now it is controlled inside the country.”

Late December 2017 Somali regained its airspace after 25 years of absence following the collapse of the central government in the early 1990s.

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