Federal government released press statement over locust invasion

The Somali government says locust upsurge is a major threat to the country’s fragile food security situation declares a national emergency.

The ministry of agriculture of the federal governments of Somalia has declared for a national emergency of desert locust invasion, anticipate and reduce its effort outbreak in the country.

Somalia main food source which is farms and animals face major effect for the food production and the economic development in the country, the federal announced protection of food security and livelihood of the Somali people generally.

“We must commit our best effort to protect the food security and the livelihood of our Somali people, if we don’t act now, we risk our sever food crisis that we cannot afford by any means,” Said Hussein said, Minister of Agriculture.

Desert locust affected crop farmers and pastoralist community in rural areas at large for the last two months. the desert locust which appeared during crops harvest in the countrywide has now covered some of the neighbouring countries search as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan

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