Federal Government to set framework for Galmudug elections

The Federal Government will develop the framework for the elections of  new president and parliament in Galmudug, a communique from the just concluded meeting reads as clans resolve to form an inclusive government.

The weeklong reconciliation conference which brought together clans from across Galmudug also resolved to a transparent and inclusive process in the formation of a new government. ‘

The Government should organise and facilitate the formation of an inclusive Galmudug government in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Galmudug,” the communiqué read in part. In what is likely draw sharp reactions from politicians who have opposed government’s hand in regional elections, the communique gave the federal government the mandate to set the guidelines for the upcoming state elections

“Somali Federal Government should put in place a strong framework for selection of Galmudug parliament and the elections of parliament leadership, President and deputy.” The recently concluded elections in Jubbaland brought to the fore supremacy battles between the two levels of government.

Whereas the Federal Government produced guidelines for the elections and indicated it had a formal list of elders to elect MPs, Jubbaland Government dismissed the guidelines and insisted the elders who participated in the poll were genuine.

Galmudug State has been bedeviled by a myriad of challenges since its formation in 2015 when the moderate Islamist group Alhusuna wal Jamaa kept off the formation conference and subsequently held control of Dhusamareb forcing the nascent administration to pitch tent in Adado.

The two sides however came together last December when IGAD-mediated talks brought forth a new coalition government cop-opting Alhusuna into the state government. Galmudug is preparing for elections though the dates have not been announced.

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