Federal member state leader’s second-day meeting continues in Dhusamareb

The second-day conference continues in Dhusamareb as the federal member states remarks summary on election mandate.

The key points focused on Saturday the in the conference was the relations between the states and the Federal Government of Somalia.

“The regional states focused on politics rather than the security and threats from  Al-Shabab group and also establishing the status of the regional districts,” said Hirshabelle president.

“For security purpose, one vote one man could not be implemented on this election, we need another path to hold the election and agree on the way forward,” said Jubaland president.

The prime minister of the federal government, Hassan Ali Kheyre and his cabinet held special meeting on last Friday declared 2021 timely election.

“The elections should take place on its time and we must refrain from any idea related to an extension because the extension could lead to political, security and constitutional crisis,” a statement from the PM’s office following the cabinet meeting read in part

According to a statement released by the office of the Somalia President,  Farmajo welcomed the statement of the capinet ministers on Friday.

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