Federal MPs accuse president Farmajo ‘punitive actions’ against the people of Northern region

Federal members from both Houses of Parliament representing the Somaliland region have yesterday addressed about the thousands of goats exported from the Berbera port which was recently halted in Jeddah Port city of Saudi.

The MPs who held a meeting yesterday in the capital Mogadishu have accused the federal government of trying to sanction the people of Somaliland and condemned the agreement by the federal government has made with Saudi Arabia.

Hussein Isse Arab who was among the MPs said that since the arrival of President Farmajo on the power he has heavily oppressed Somaliland and the business people of the Northern region.

“All the aid agencies have also been suspended operating in Somaliland regions,” added Hussein Arab.

Lastly, the MPs have also denied the Deputy prime ministers statement that the federal government made an exemption for a ship carrying 20,000 goats and sheep to be offloaded at Jeddah.

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