Federal MPs call for peace in Hiraan and Galgadud regions

Federal parliament MPs have called on the local communities at the border of Hiiran and Galgadud to end the clan clashes in the regions.

The MPs said it is important to maintain a peaceful co-existence as well as to bring peace and stability to the people of Hiraan and Galgadud regions.

The federal parliament MPs have also requested the authorities of the two regions and the Traditional leaders of the two clans fighting to take an immediate response to end the clans fighting in the region.

The federal Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, Abdi Mohamed Sabriye has also visited the Khandale town last week to ease the tension and hostility in the region as he expressed hope that the sides will come together and discuss their differences.

Somali government forces have yesterday arrived at Khandhale to end the clan conflict in the region which has now claimed dozens of lives and displaced many others from their homes.

More than 30 people were killed and a dozen others injured since Wednesday’s confrontation that broke out over land-related issues according to locals.

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