Somali Federal Officials Visit Beled-Hawo Border Town

Somali federal interior minister Abdi Farajh Juha with government delegates in Beled-Hawo, a border town with Kenya. Photo credit: Goobjoog Media.

Federal government official delegates among them the interior minister Abdi Farajh Juha visited Beled-Hawo border town with Kenya after landing in nearby Dollow town.

The visit follows after the local people Beled-Hawo, Gedo region complained of Kenyan government stepping over the boundary into Somalia where they want to a build a partitioning wall.

Minister Juha and his official delegates visited the borderline area in the company of technical experts.

The delegates also collected information from the local people concerning the border dispute.

Yesterday the federal Lower House debated the issue and came up with several articles among them the border land dispute being related to the maritime dispute between Somali and Kenya, condemned the attempted land grabbing by the Kenyan government, appealed to the federal government to respond officially to the matter and sending a fact-finding team made up of ministers and MPs.

The House also formed a special committee made of 5 members who will keep abreast with developments from the border town.

The MPs also commended the bravery exhibited by the locals in the town of Beled-Hawo of defending the land against Kenyan military who were armed to the teeth.

The government delegates went back yesterday to Dollow town.

Two days ago the local people of Beled-Hawo appealed to the federal government to come to their rescue after they complained of Kenyan military allegedly destroying their homes along the border  area between the two countries.

Somalia filed its maritime case against Kenya in mid July 2015 at the Hague, the Netherlands arguing that Kenya had encroached on its territory in the Indian Ocean border and went ahead to license oil companies for oil exploration.

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