Federal Parliament, leaders call for end to Sool fighting

The Federal parliament has called for an end to the fighting in Dhumey area in Sool region which has since claimed over 50 lives and injured several others.

Senate speaker Abdi Hashi and his Lower House counterpart Mohamed Mursal Wednesday urged the federal government and leaders in the federal states and affected regions to expedite the process towards ending the deadly clashes.

“I send my condolence to the victims of the families who died in Dhumay fighting. It is unfortunately that fighting has erupted between brotherly clan from there. I am asking to politicians, professionals and scholars to stand up and put an end to the fighting,” said Hashi.

Said Mursal, “The federal Parliament of Somalia is concerned about the renewed fighting in southern Sool region. The parliament is calling an end to the fighting urgently and is asking professionals and elder to start engaging to stop the fighting and we call on the federal government and federal member states to move in quickly and stop the fighting.”

Meanwhile leaders in Sool and Sanaag regions have also upped their voices against the fighting pleading with the warring factions to stop the fight.

Head of UCID party in Somaliland Faysal Ali Waraabe called on the warring factions to cease the fighting and called on the government to intervene to end the clashes.

“I am calling for to end to the renewed fighting in Dhumey area as we know the nature of clan fighting has changed from small army to use of big battle machines which rebel fighters use,” said Waraabe. “I call on the government to end this fighting as it did with the one in El Afweyn.”

Tens of people were killed in inter-clan fighting in El-afwen district in Sanaag region late July.

Garad Abdisalam Mohamed, a professional in Sool told Goobjoog News joint efforts were already underway to end the fighting. “Everyone is concerned about what has happened and we are about to start direct contact with the fighting clans so that they can stop the fighting. The professionals are ready to intervene even though the casualty figures are now very high.”

Fighting between clans in Dhumey area broke out Monday and escalated in subsequent hours claiming over 40 lives by Tuesday morning. Reports indicate the death toll has so far risen to 50.

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