Five Al-Shabaab fighters killed in fighting in Southern Somalia

At least 5 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in heavy fighting between the group and forces loyal to Southwest State on Monday in the outskirt Diinsor town of South Somalia, a local official said Tuesday.

District Commissioner of Diinsoor, Ibraahim Shik Shigow told Goobjoog News that their forces gained military victory over the battle which took place in Al-Shabaab bases near Diinsoor town.

“Our forces killed 5 members of the Al-Shabaab group during the battle. We also fully control the areas where the fighting occurred and the troops are advancing to new locations in the region in order to liberate more areas from remnants in the region at the moment,” Shigow said.

He said the forces captured three Al-Shabaab fighters alive during the fighting and will be soon prosecuted.

Shigow pointed out that one soldiers died in the battle and several other sustained light injuries.

Al-Shabaab did not comment on the military victory by the forces. But such military gains come amid increased military operations against the group in the region.

The African Union (AU) has some 22,000 troops battling al-Shabab in southern Somalia, where it was formed nearly a decade ago to fight and depose the western backed Somali government.


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