Former Mogadishu mayor commends Turkey for development

Former Mogadishu Mayor Mohamud Ahmed Nor Tarsan has commended government of Turkey for its development projects in the capital.

But Tarsan said that there is a lack of commitment from Somali government and blamed the government for dragging its feet to work with Turkey to improve the lives of citizens.

“We lack someone with work with the Turkish here. During my tenure we worked with them sincerely, we heavily invested on their security and protection, and we were ready to collaborate on whatever they needed from our side but now Turkey is unable to implement housing project pledged by Erdogan . This is the fault of Somali government” judged Mr. Tarsan who is an opposition leader.

He further said that there is no other country in the world that can compete with Turkey when it comes to helping Somalia.

His comments came at a time when Turkey’s projects in Mogadishu have slowed down.

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