Fourth annual Book Fair kicks off in Mogadishu

Book enthusiasts attend the opening day of the third annual Mogadishu Book Fair on 13 September 2017. UN Photo / Omar Abdisalan

The fourth annual Mogadishu Book Fair opens today in Mogadishu bringing together a host of local and international authors, readers and literary enthusiasts from within and outside the country.

The three days event which started in 2015 and gradually grew into an annual literary festival in Mogadishu has inspired a reading and writing culture in the country with some of the authors featuring in the events having nurtured their writing skills through participation in the event.

The organisers of the event, New Horizon in a statement today unveiled this year’s theme as Literature and Expression in Education.

“This year, the theme is “Literature & Expression in Education” and will explore the role of literature in education of the individual citizen and the nation overall,” New Horizon said.

Among the guests featuring in this year’s event are Abdi Latif Ega the author of Guban, a transitional journey of Somalis through time, US based author Ahmed Yusuf who penned ‘The Lion’s Binding Oath’ and US University Professor Paul. D Williams whose book ‘Fighting for Peace in Somalia; a History and Analysis of the African Union Mission, 2007 – 2017’ takes an in-depth look into a decade of AMISOM operations in Somalia.

Others are Dr. Ali A. Abubakar, founder and former president of Mogadishu University; Fardousa Jama, cultural specialist and storyteller as well as a host of youth writers from throughout Somalia.

The event will also feature interactive sessions such as book reading for children, panel discussions, traditional performances and book exhibitions among others.



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