Galmudug: People’s lives hanging on a thin thread says Drought Emergency Committee

Committee for Drought Emergency of Galmudug State draws attention to the dire situation on the lives of people living in the region.

The Chairperson of Committee for Drought Emergency Shire Hirso Mohamud who spoke to Goobjoog News said they have registered more than 70,000 families that lost their livestock in the drought and migrated to nearby major towns to seek better life.

A new famine is the only result to be expected if these people are not given quick humanitarian assistance, according to Chairperson Shire.

“People’s lives are deteriorating and we inform you their need for emergency relief on every side. When people lose livestock, they run to nearby towns but their situation worsened. From now on we only expect starvation for them [if they are not helped]” said Chairperson Shire.

On the other hand, he responded to the recent accusation by Galinsoor locality towards Committee for Drought Emergency of Galmudug State of misappropriation of funds meant for the people residing in Galinsoor.

Chairperson Shire stated that they have handed the rightful amount of fund intended for Galinsoor people with enough evidence but only want to smear bad name on them due to internal dispute in Galinsoor authority.

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