Galmudug plans to establish new administration for Hobyo district

Galmudug State is undertaking initiatives to establish new interim administration in a bid to extend its administration throughout its region.

President of Galmudug state who is currently in Hubyo town is holding talks with traditional elders of Hobyo district on the formation of admin for the town.

Leaders of Galmudug have been touring towns of the state to discuss with the public.

Galmudug State has appointed an interim administration for Abudwaq district as it fights to seize control of the state some of which is controlled by Ahlusuna waljamaa.

This comes amid regular supremacy fights between the new Galmudug State and the moderate Islamist group Ahlusuna which has from the onset opposed the formation of Galmudug state.

This has led to clashes and loss of lives in the last year with Ahlusuna still in control of the state capital Dhusamareeb.

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