Galmudug Senator Abshir Axmad inaugurates the first constituency office in the country

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Galmudug Senator Abshir Axmad today inaugurated the country’s first constituency office in Galmudug in a bid to bring services closer to his constituents.

The Senator who was also the first to be elected to the Upper House said the opening of a constituency office was a turning point in governance in Somalia informed by the need to promote accountability and transparency in the management of public resources.

“I am pioneering a new beginning of responsibilities with accountability. For a long time in Somalia, political positions have been without any form of accountability and without service delivery to the public but today as Senator I will be accountable to all Somalis in general and to my regional constituents in particular in terms of national responsibilities and public service delivery,” Axmad said.

The Senator said the office will not serve specific constituents but everyone with particular focus on the youth who have largely been locked out in the electoral process and the governance of the country.

“As Senator, my office will not be open to only a specific section of constituents but to everyone; the youth in particular and all Somalis who were denied a voice in election of their leaders because of the injustices perpetrated by the clan based 4.5 system” he added.

Senator Axmad is among seven other senators who will represent Galmudug state in the Federal Parliament which is expected to be sworn in soon in readiness for the election of the president.



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