Galmudug State Initiates Head-Counting on the State Police Force

Gamulug police force performing public parade in Galkaoy town. Photo credit: Online.

Galmudug state security administration office in collaboration with top police officers yesterday started head count on the police personnel in the state.

State security chairperson Maslah Ali Hussein who spoke to Goobjoog News noted that they have already counted all the police staff in Galgadud region and will soon start the ones in Mudug region in order to appraise their numbers, qualities and needs.

“Top officers have started monitoring trips on police stations and camps to confirm the quantity and quality of Galmudug forces. Similarly, their delicate needs will be disclosed” said Chairperson Hussein.

Mid November 2016 strike carried out by US drones in Somalia’s Galkayo area killed 10 fighters and wounded three soldiers sparking demonstrations and accusations between Puntland and Galmudug prompting the latter to appeal to the US government for compensation which killed Galmudug forces amid confirmation by US that it killed friendly forces.

Goobjoog News

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