Galmudug State Presidential Candidates make Campaign Speeches

Fiqi-262x309A total of 12 candidates , 6 of them bids for presidency made speeches in Adado city before the state parliament as final Election Day steps ahead.

Each candidate was trying to attract as many MPs as possible as they lay out their policy and vision as the most comprehensive and inclusive for all the people in state, lest he could be voted on July 4th.

All the three leading candidates Ahmad Abdisalam, Ahmad Ma’lin Fiqi and and Abdikarim Hussien Guled made their speeches today.

The three main candidates have different primary supports but one thing they share in common is clan independency.

Before the Election Day all candidates are expected to continue their election campaigns this time to win and secure the support of State MPs who has the cards of who is going to be the first Galmudg State.

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