Garbaharey consultation conference due to conclude

The first phase of the consultation conference in Garbaharey, the headquarters of Gedo is due to be concluded today.

Mohamed Adan Ali, the spokesman of the conference confirmed that senior government officials will attend the conclusion of the conference.

The spokesman added that they hope the second phase of the conference to start after the participants confirm the support to the outcome of the first conference.

Garbaharey conference was started a time when the second phase of Juba reconciliation conference opened by Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was going on in Kismayo.

The organizers of Garbaharey conference including top officials who boycotted Juba conference say the aim of meeting is to unify the people of Gedo region so as to achieve self reliance and gain political momentum.

Communique-G.Haarey, conference 2014Communique-G.Haarey,2014



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