Garissa residents demand answers after two killed, bodies carried away

The mysterious killings of two people in Garissa Town last week have puzzled many including the security agents who are unable to explain the motive behind the shootings.
At the same time, the victims’ relatives have demanded for answers from the government.
On Thursday, two people are said to have been shot dead in hotel and their bodies carried away by the killers. Another two were abducted and taken to an unknown destination.
During the morning incident, unknown people, who wore balaclavas and who drove a Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up whose number plates were concealed, stormed Durdur Hotel in Garissa Ndogo ordered everybody to lie down.
They then proceeded to shoot dead two people.
They left with the two bodies and two other men whom they abducted from the hotel in the dramatic raid that lasted less than 30 minutes.
Leaders and civil society groups condemned the killings which have caused a lot anxiety and fear among residents.
Garissa OCPD Benjamin Ong’ombe confirmed the killings saying his officers went to the scene and found blood stains but could not ascertain the number of people killed as there were no bodies.

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