Gorgor Commander killed in Mogadishu

The commander for Gorgor 1st Battalion Major Mohamed Suleiman Abukar of the Somali National Army killed in Mogadishu last night.

13yrs military experience spokes 4 languages trained by Turkey tragically gunned down in Mogadishu by Nasa hablod hotel guards.

The assassination took place at the front door of the Hotel Nasa hablod Two in Mogadishu Hamarwayne district.

Witnesses who spoke to media in Mogadishu has said that the death came after armed guards of the Hotel gunfire sprayed the car with commander Suleiman Mohamed Abukar and his security guards on their way to the station.

It was later confirmed that the commander of the Somali National Army Gorgor was killed along with his two of the security guards.

The Somali Police Force who arrived at the scene at the time of the incident, later on, took the bodies from there.

So far, there have been no reports from the Somali security agencies about the killing of Gorgor commander of the Somali National Army and his bodyguard in Mogadishu.

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